Born and raised on Oahu and currently residing on Maui, Denby Freeland’s recent works are a collection of watercolors, mixed media paintings and kapa, which capture the light, shadow, and rhythm of Hawaii’s plants.  Her watercolors are beautifully rendered, while the mixed media pieces are playful, capturing the colors and essence of the flowers and leaves.  Her kapa reflects her respect for Hawaiian culture and environment through an ancient Hawaiian medium.
Her career path has involved the arts and environment in Hawaii including positions at the Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center, Hawaii Nature Center and the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust.
Denby’s artworks reveal her awareness of the sensitive environment that she lives in.  Her family history dates back many generations in Hawaii, and with a lifetime of exposure to the renowned Hawaiian landscapes of her mother, Betty Hay Freeland, Denby has developed a unique style all her own to share her vision of Hawaii.
She graduated from Punahou School on Oahu, earned a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Washington, and her Masters degree in Education at Heritage College, Washington.  While she has lived on the mainland and traveled extensively, including a backpacking trip around the world, Hawaii is her heartfelt home.