Erin Dertner • Village Galleries Maui


Painting, studying and teaching the subject of light is Erin’s driving force. Subject matter is secondary to the sunlight itself, though her locations speak volumes about God’s wondrous world of color, drama and mystery.

Through workshop study beginning in 1982, Erin has developed a style that is relatable and infused with light. Reaching further to simplify is placing her allegiance more with the impressionist school. She enjoys painting in oil and watercolor and is most inspired by the early morning shadows and the last light of day.

A Californian born in 1957, Erin resides on the Mendocino coast. She has been showing at Village Galleries Maui since 1997 and relishes each opportunity to visit and paint. Erin is a three-time winner of the Lahaina Poster Contest. Her award winning work can be seen at Village Galleries in Lahaina and is included in private and public collections around the world. Erin teaches painting workshops in Hawaii, California and Europe.



According to Erin......“There is no better life than to study the world with paintbrush in hand and a heart full of love and gratitude.”