Lisa Kasprzycki  • Village Galleries Maui

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Lisa Kasprzycki is an artist who is true to herself and puts her heart into her work.

Her world is one of rare plants, wild landscape and the feeling of companionship between human beings and that landscape. Lisa wants to communicate a vision of accessible harmony and evolving discovery.

People who are familiar with Lisa's work often comment that while the pieces are so visually varied, there is also a recognizable thread running through it all.

Lisa experiences her art making as a sometimes gutsy, sometimes endearing mirror of the unfoldment of her relationship with her materials, her unique view of Hawai'i, and inner personal development; the materials are always following the needs of the subject matter. 

Her main media has been oil color and mixed media on wood panel. 

Lisa was born in Laguna Beach, Ca., and came to Maui in childhood; and life with her Dad and Uncle, both artists and surfers, living much of the time on their small sail boat. 

She was educated at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and at the Otis College of Art in Los Angeles, although she gives credit to growing up in creative communities as her main support and teacher.

Lisa has made Maui's North shore her home for the last thirty years.