Casey McLain • Village Galleries Maui      Available works request


artist’s statement...”As a self-taught artist, my aim is to capture and share everyday moments from the beautiful island I call home; Maui.

Over the years I have painted everything from wine to waves, from realism to impressionism.My style seems to have settled on an impressionistic, almost loose realism type of feel, which I feel resinates most with what I am trying to communicate.

Simplicity  -  Truth  -  Beauty

Our memory has a way of simplifying things. To quote John Piper, "It strips away thousands of details that at the time seemed major, and it leaves only the big outlines; the essence." I think a successful painting does the same, and I hope the viewer can see into the ‘soul’ of every one of my paintings and share with me the essence each painting is attempting to evoke..”

Village Galleries in Lahaina proudly represents Casey on Maui. Please stop by to view his works in person.