Macario Pascual • Village Galleries Maui


Macario Pascual, born November 26, 1956 immigrated to Hawaii at the age of five with his mother. They joined his father who came earlier to work for the sugar plantation. At the age of thirteen, he became the first and youngest recipient of the Lahaina Arts Society Art Scholarship. In 1974, he was awarded his first solo exhibition by the Society while still a senior in high school. From 1974 to 1979, Pascual studied art at the University of Hawaii on an art and tennis scholarship, graduating with a BFA degree in design.

Over the years, Pascual has become well known in the islands for his series of paintings of Hawaii's plantations, its workers and the surrounding landscape. His understanding and sensitivity to the media and the subject has led to solo exhibitions and important commissions, among them the State of Hawaii, Alexander and Baldwin, Inc. for their Centennial in 1982, and recently, Ihilani Resorts and Fletcher Pacific Construction of Honolulu. On Maui, he created the painting for Tedeshi Vineyard's "Plantation Red" wine label.  Additional bio info

Artist's Statement… "Subject matter and the use of light are important elements of my work. Many of my paintings are drawn from personal experiences as well as history. For years now, I've taken a special interest in the immigrants to Hawaii's plantations, depicting their work and life. By letting these ideas evolve into new works I hope to capture the essence of the plantations in Hawaii. Furthermore, working in a series format has enabled me to refine and expand my ideas in several related directions - the texture and pattern of Hawaii's agricultural fields and landscapes, the designs and unique character of local homes, and recently, working with figures in water and light."