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artist’s statement...”Everything in my life is about forging a connection between the material world, where we find ourselves, and the world of Spirit, where we are anchored. My life has always been in pursuit of this linkage whether I was aware of it or not. When I paint, I express where I am on this journey. My paintings may not reveal this in an obvious way, but for those who have eyes to see beyond the surface of things, they will understand that my work is an expression of my Spiritual journey with its tests, failures and progression.”

Jim Stewart, born in 1949, is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and has been creating figurative and abstract drawings and paintings since the early 70s. Critically acclaimed artist in the Globe and Mail newspaper and the Art Review magazine, he has exhibited his work worldwide since 1975 and particularly in Hawaii since 2008, when he began spending part of each year on Maui. His work has been selected for Art Maui and purchased by the Hawaii State Foundation for Culture and the Arts.  The Village Gallery, Lahaina proudly represents Jim on Maui.