Bud Bottoms • Village Galleries Maui


James "Bud" Bottoms is a native Californian who lives in Santa Barbara on the Pacific ocean. His inspiration is the sea and the majestic and frolicking mammals who live in it. Dolphins, seals, whales, and otters are his major subjects, and he delights in trying to capture their spirit in his sculptures of everlasting bronze. Other creations are inspired by intimate human relations including mother and child, and the joy of newborn life.

As a grandfather, he also likes to use his grandchildren as models to combine with sea mammals. In doing so, he hopes to express our interrelationship with all animals. His creations are playful expressions of pure joy!

Artist's Statement…

My long time association with Village Galleries and annual participation int the Artist-In-Residence Program at The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua has made Maui the inspiration for my dolphin, sea turtle and Maui Humpback whale series. I consider Maui my second home.