Stephen Burr • Village Galleries Maui


Lynn Shue, owner/director Village Galleries…
From his home on a hillside in Haiku, Stephen Burr captures beautiful Upcountry vistas in pastel. A master artist fascinated by Maui's ever changing skies, he brings clouds to life as they touch the opal-like sea. Stephen finds fulfillment in a one-on-one involvement with his subjects. Working en plein air around Maui, Stephen communicates to us in his own unique impressionist style.

STEPHEN BURR  explores Maui in his traveling studio and captures, in pastel, those moments of beauty only Maui offers. Sunsets, sunrises and light-filled street scenes are among his favorite subjects.

From age 17 to 20 Stephen learned pastel and oil painting from the famous American impressionist Vandeering Perrine. Perrine taught him how to see light - how it plays on objects and how form is modeled by the highlights. After graduating from Bard College in 1955 Stephen taught at progressive boarding schools in Massachusetts and Vermont. An avid sailor, he sailed his 36' trimaran and painted for four years along the east coast of the United States, Florida Keys and the Bahamas. He has traveled to and painted in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and the Virgin Islands.

Stephen came to Maui in 1982. His excitement about the beauty of the islands has made Maui his home. He lives in Haiku located Upcountry - the inspiration for many of his paintings.