Suzanne deCillia • Village Galleries Maui


As a full time artist, Suzanne deCillia devotes her time to painting on Maui and in her studio in Snohomish, Washington.

A native of the Evergreen State, deCillia has spent the last 50 plus years transforming her thoughts to canvas. People are her favorite subjects, although she finds inspiration in beach scenes, landcapes and forals. Her paintings are colorful, energetic and upbeat.

Suzanne came from a family of artists and cannot remember when she was not painting or creating.

She studied art at the University of Washington for four years in the late 1950's, married Stan Wetzel in 1958, and after raising a family of three children, she returned to school and full-time painting.

Featured by Village Galleries since the late 1990's, Suzanne's masterful paintings capture life on Maui, along with our colorful island flowers and tropical fruit. It is always a delight to see her most recent choice of subject matter. She has an eye for spotting simple, but magical, Maui moments. Be sure to ask about her lastest creations on your next visit to Lahaina and Kapalua.

On Maui, Suzanne is represented exclusively by Village Galleries. Her paintings are in private collections worldwide. Suzanne is often a participating artist for the renowned "Celebration of the Arts" event held Easter Weekend at The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua. Also, she is a selected artist in the hotel's Artist-In-Residence program. Both programs are co-sponsored by Village Galleries.


Artist's Statement…
In answer to the question, "What is my philosophy on painting?"  I don’t consciously think about any philosophy when I paint. I just like to use art to express things I see, think, feel or like.Old photos, music, people, nature, colors I see and a lot comes from my memory and imagination. Sometimes ideas just fall off the end of the brush and I don’t know where they come from.