Kathy Long • Village Galleries Maui


Kathy Long has called Hawai'i her home since 1982. Daughter of well-known artist, Mary Koski, she traveled with her parents for several years before settling down to study fine art and developed a career for herself.

In 1982, Long and her family moved to Hawai'i, settling in Waimea, on the Big Island. Since arriving in the islands, she has established a solid reputation in the art community.

Combining her interest in cultural anthropology and art, Long began to record the renaissance of the Hawaiian culture and in now considered one of the best interpreters of the cultural revival. The Hawai'i Visitors Bureau has commissioned her to do a series of images defining the cultural identity of Hawai'i.

Known for her graphite drawings and pastels of Hawai'i's people, Kathy Long has received purchase awards by the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, several "People's Choice" awards and has been featured on PBS's Spectrum program and featured in magazines articles.

Aloha Magazine…
“She has endless patience. Her tender renderings of light and shadow and her deep insights into the personalities of the people she portrays sets her work apart.”