G.D. Markovich • Village Galleries Maui


Artist Statement…
"I have created this etching for you - to be part of your life-and to give you great enjoyment. In my pursuit of excellence, I have made no compromises. Only the best ground inks and 100% rag paper are used in the creation of each orginal etching. Works, such as Circle of Life-Humpbacks pictured below, are then collaged onto cast silk with orchid petals, sculpted in my studio. It is my hope this care and quality is obvious to those with discerning taste. Best of Life! " Geoffrey David Markovich.


REPRESENTED EXCLUSIVELY ON MAUI BY Village Galleries...GEOFFREY DAVID MARKOVICH was born in 1946, and although he has been a full-time professional artist since the mid-seventies, he cannot remember a time in his life when he was not creative.

For more than three decades, and with numerous one-man and group shows to his credit, Geof has realized his boyhood dream of capturing this wonderful world we all share.

Since first arriving in Hawaii, Geof has been inspired by the ancient culture and breath taking landscapes of these islands. The appreciation for the beauty of this timeless land with its gentle people has motivated him to explore new ideas, and to create unusual techniques that are unique in all the art world.

Beneath the hands of this modern day master, the once traditional arts of etching and papermaking have evolved beyond mere images. The resulting creations are a stunning organic celebration of texture and color that capture the spirit of these mystical islands of Hawaii.