Suzy Papanikolas • Village Galleries Maui


SUZY PAPANIKOLAS was born in Laguna Beach, California and first studied art with Rex Brandt when she was 8 years old. Then at 12, she ushered at the Pageant of the Masters which stimulated her classical art background. Her parents were both in the arts. Her mother was a sculptor and her father was on the board of the Pageant and founder of the art school in Laguna.

At 18, Suzy went to Europe for a year to see the art of the great masters. Then she became a mom, a musician, a psychologist and a building contractor before coming back to art. And to her surprise, the first show she entered, she won "Best in Show". This was the turning point that made her take her art seriously. She remained a few more years in the San Francisco Bay Area and became a well-known muralist. Her work may be seen in many large shopping centers and at the San Francisco International Airport.

Over eight years ago she left it all behind to pursue her dream of living in Hawaii and painting what really inspired her - which turned out to be the local Hawaiian people and South Pacific Islanders. Her strong points are color and design. A great love for the people and culture has developed and Hawaii now feels like home.

Her subject matter runs from hula to canoe festivals to upcountry pineapple workers and paniolos. Suzy has gained recognition in the short time she has been here including being accepted in the prestigious Art Maui Show- selling pieces before the show even opened and winning the best in show at the Makawao paint-out.