Jamie Roth • Village Galleries Maui


As the morning sun peaks over Haleakalā, Jamie Roth stands on his lanai gazing at the first rays of light dance across the ocean.  He welcomes the beauty and warmth of the new day with a deep appreciation for his island home.  Each day is as stunning as the one it follows and provides Jamie with limitless backdrops for his exquisite paintings. 

Jamie was born in Santa Monica, California in 1956.  At an early age, the magnificence of his natural surroundings stirred the artistic passions within him.  As a young boy, he often painted side-by-side with his mother and grandfather, who shared their joy of painting outdoors with him.  

As a young man, Jamie’s passion for the outdoors took him from the breathtaking ski slopes of Utah to the spectacular waves of Maui.  In 2000, he turned again to his childhood love — plein air painting — to give expression to his visions of nature’s beauty and power.  Jamie enjoys exploring Maui’s coastline and mountain ranges and capturing their essence in his work.  “My intention is not to paint a scene, but to paint a special moment,” he explains.  “When a person looks at my art, I want him or her to feel the place, the time of day, the mood.”  

Jamie’s award-winning paintings feature some of Maui’s most stunning vistas from Wailea, Makena, Lahaina, and Upcountry Maui.  He has appeared in numerous invitational plein air painting events and art shows, and received high praise for his work.  He also accepts commissioned work to capture a scene that may have special meaning to you. 

When Jamie is not painting, he works as a nurse, surfs, and relaxes at home with his wife and children. 

Artist's Statement…
We always have incredible sunrises here on Maui and no two are alike. Nature cooks up a new display of light and color each day that continually inspires me.

My sincere hope is that when you hang my painting it will be your window to another moment, another place.