Linda Whittemore • Village Galleries Maui


Artist's Statement... I started out as a painter of watercolor. Life drawing and painting of the figure and landscape have been subjects that interest me throughout my career. I studied printmaking and made etchings using Nitric Acid to bite the plates. I worked in sugar lift, relief prints, collographs and embossments. From these, I eventually explored monotypes, or maybe they chose me: I came to where I am today. I work in viscosity monotype. What you see is the result of layer upon layer of ink deposited and printed from the plate. These are somewhere between a painting and a drawing in the printmaking world.

My personal impressions are here in a collection in my new work. I am excited to share them with you, the viewers. Much of my latest work is created with the added use of acrylic, Aquacolors and Lyra pencils, oil and dry pastel to the monotype after it is printed. I’m using these multiple mediums as needed, using the means to achieve an end. All these monotypes are hand printed in my studio. Paintings and monotypes, this is where it all happens!
Linda Whittemore

Lynn Shue, owner/director Village Galleries…
Linda Whittemore creates her stunning monoprints by carefully composing and layering her oil based inks. Her work has a quiet meditative surface.