Jeanne Young • Village Galleries Maui


JEANNE YOUNG - Artist Statement...."My earliest memories are of living in an abandoned ice-cream parlor in SE Alaska, my dad and his friends skinning a bear on our “living room” floor, and catching fish as tall as I was.  My dad was always telling me stories.  When snowmobiling, drifts became graves, little sounds in the woods were bears or bull-chucks sneaking up on us, every chunk of ice in the water was the tip of a massive iceberg and might have a walrus or polar bear on it.  We lived life wild and always on the edge.  My father showed me the excitement of living in Alaska and taught me that I had no limitations.  Dad told me I could be anything I wanted, if I were willing to work hard enough for it.  

This powerful, boundaryless, driven work ethic combined with a love and fascination for nature, has been the foundation of my art pursuit.  Years of studying from and with modern day masters has helped me obtain the skills to communicate my artistic vision.  In recent years, my pursuit of art has grown into a mutually beneficial relationship.  If it’s a good art concept, it’s a good life concept and visa-versa.  My art path has helped me see my value as a person and been a gauge for a healthy life.

My children and I visited Maui in February of 2013.  I’ve always loved painting ocean and nautical scenes but my first sunset in Maui opened a world of color I didn’t realize existed.  The vivid excitement I’d searched for to put in my paintings was  here in abundance.  We went back to Alaska long enough to straighten our affairs and moved to Haiku 6 months later. The kids and I have become avid surfers and love every second of our Hawaiian experience!

Art is my expression of the adventure and mystery that swirls through every day of my life.  The endless possibilities of nature, people, color, light and the challenge of getting the paint to communicate that.  No matter what the subject, I’m always searching to express this connectedness and excitement and share it with others.