Al Furtado • Village Galleries Maui

Above: Artist Al Furtado 1930-2012


Lynn Shue, owner/director Village Galleries…
Not enough can be said describing the joy Al Furtado conveys in his flamboyant paintings of island life. We move to the music as his colorful dancers glide across the canvas. His charming depictions of family get-togethers allow you to experience the real Hawaiian Aloha.

 Artist's Statement. . .What I do is paint my life experiences here in Hawai’’i. With all of the subject matter at hand, seascapes, landscapes beautiful sunsets of this island paradise, I have been most taken with the beauty and lifestyle of the island people.
The people of Hawai’i are among the most physically beautiful,
the men, the women and the children. Add to this the lifestyle, the colorful clothing, the attitude of well being living an enviable life in a tropical paradise and you have all of the ingredients
that make for exciting imagery such as Gaugain found in Tahiti.

Throughout my life as a student (Chouinard Art Institute LA) and as a working artist these past 60 years I have been most influenced by artists such as
Degas, Serolla, (mostly impressionists) and Norman Rockwell for his illustrative technique and ability to give his figures character.

Since arriving here in the start of the 60’s I have been privileged
in being included (and observing)in one of Hawai’is largest, very talented families,
the Beamers.The Beamer family are most noted for their
musicians, dancers and educators, and when they have a Luau it is the most musical, colorful and fun party I had ever seen, the “aloha spirit” truly comes to life. I thank them (and my wife who is a part of that family) for their influence in my work as an artist, as many of the family have been models for
my paintings of Island life as I have seen it .

I have been fortunate to have been affiliated over the years with the Village Galleries on Maui (my very first gallery showing) it is a joy for me to be included in the roster of wonderful world class artists they represent.
I am grateful for the acceptance of my work by collectors and hope to go on creating warm, expressive art of Hawai’i.
Me Ke Aloha Pumehana, Al Furtado

A working artist, teacher and lecturer for over 40 years, Furtado's fine art work has been acknowledged through private showings and sales for homes, hotels and other commercial institutions, as well as, to private private collectors internationally.

For those who live here, the paintings bring forth memories of family. For who were born her and moved away, they are nostalgia.

For visitors to the islands fortunate enough to have met local people and enjoyed being a part of the culture, the art is a rememberance of a unique experience.

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Above: "Silva Kupuna Dance" Acrylic 30" x 40" sold

Below: "The Kihei Kupuna " Acrylic 30" x 40" sold

Below: "Holoku's, Hula & Aloha" 30" x 40", sold

Below: "Kupuna Hula Mele" giclée available

Above: "Flowers, Muu's & Hula Ladies" Acrylic 30" x 40" sold





Below: "Mother and Keiki" Acrylic 32" x 20" sold


Below: "Praticing Puili Sticks" Acrylic 28" x 22" sold


For more information or to request images of available works: click here